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▷ The Ultimate Guide on How to Apply for a Mortgage Loan

Apply for a Mortgage Loan

Complete guide on how to apply for a mortgage loan. Do you have the dream or ambition to own a home? Does the thought of owning your own home offer a sense of harmony, peace, and excitement? This is a feeling that thousands, if not millions, of people around the United States and world dream of. However, with the housing market crash of 2008, it has become incredibly difficult for people to achieve the dream of owning a home. The reality is, people lack the financial awareness and knowledge of the mortgage industry to capitalize and secure a mortgage loan.

▷ Complete guide on how to apply for a mortgage loan

Apply for a Mortgage Loan

This is the purpose of today’s article. We are going to offer the complete guide on how to apply for a mortgage loan, which will entail the most important information all future homeowners need to do. For example, we will cover the state of the industry today, the requirements to get approved, the different mortgage loan options, how to apply for a mortgage, and a few tips to guide you along the way. So, before you are quick to apply or make a risky financial decision, let’s dive in and explore how to apply for a mortgage loan in lieu of the housing market crash.

▷ Understanding the Mortgage Industry

Before jumping into learning how to apply for a mortgage loan, there are a few different areas that we think would be important to cover. If you consider that housing market crashed in 2008 into 2009, the entire industry has completely changed, causing a ripple effect for previous, current, and future homeowners. In fact, more than ever before, it can be extremely challenging to secure a great mortgage loan if you are not prepared or take the proper precautions. Fast forward to today and mortgage experts are indicating a rise in mortgage rates; however, they are still incredibly low. What does this mean for future homeowners?

Well, more and more individuals are lining up at mortgage lender’s offices trying any method to secure a mortgage. However, due to the financial crisis nearly a decade ago, there are new limitations and requirements that are preventing thousands of people from owning their own home. With that being said, let’s take a look at what some of these new requirements and limitations are so you are better prepared when applying for a mortgage loan.

▷ The Requirements to Get Approved

Apply for a Mortgage Loan

In the United States, the requirements to get approved for a mortgage loan may vary depending on particular lenders. With that being said, in this section, we are going to cover the most commonly accepted requirements that lenders have for future homeowners. So, if you have any questions about specifics, be sure to contact lenders and inquire what their requirements may be. Without further ado, let’s get to it!


One of the first requirements is that an individual must have an established monthly income. In light of this, it’s important that you are prepared, have calculated your average monthly income, and have enough proof to support your claims. Mortgage lenders will be most interested in your income to see whether or not you can financially afford a mortgage, at any price. Whether you are interested in applying for a mortgage soon or later, it’s important to begin collecting this information as soon as possible. The more information you can provide the underwriter, the better. Now, while income plays a significant portion in the approval process, if you possess a lot of debt, that is a completely different story, and a different requirement and point.


The truth is, mortgage lenders utilize a simply tactic as to whether an individual can afford a monthly mortgage payment and pay off the entire loan. This comes down to what your income-to-debt ratio is. In other words, how much debt do you have in comparison to how much you are making. Whatever your situation may be, to get approved, lenders will look all of your debt, secured and unsecured, to see how you are handling it, whether you have been late, and how it affects your monthly bills. If you are wanting to get approved for a mortgage loan, minimize your debt and maximum your income.

Credit Score and Report

One of the most important requirements, which will come into play very early on in the mortgage approval process, is an individual’s credit score and report. If you did not know, a credit score and a credit report are two entirely different concepts, and mortgage lenders will be looking at both of these. Your credit report and score will be the deciding factor as to whether you will receive higher rates or lower rates, stricter guidelines and limitations, or a simple denial.

Today, in the United States, credit-holders can request a free transcript of their credit report once a year from the credit bureau. Take advantage of this opportunity and analyze your entire credit report. Many times, people can make significant leaps and jumps with their credit score by simply strengthening their credit report and removing any false or old information. If you are wondering if this is are, it’s not!

Down Payment

If we consider the housing market crash nearly a decade ago, mortgage lenders are more strict and limitations for future homeowners. One of these limitations is in regards to the quantity or percentage of a down payment. Now, there is no magic number for what is the best amount of money to put down for a home because there are many different types of Mortgage Loans. With that being said, it’s advised to contact the mortgage lender and ask their requirements regarding down payment. For example, if you are looking to open a conventional mortgage loan, you may be asked to put down, at minimum a 20% down payment. If you want to commit to the mortgage rates they offer, you will need to meet their standards.

▷ What Mortgage Type is Best for You?

Apply for a Mortgage Loan

➤ Adjustable Rate Mortgage – ARM, or adjustable rate mortgages are loans that generally tout lower interest rates than the current average rates. However, as the name implies, these loans are adjustable. Interest rates can vary, and will vary over the course of the years.

➤ Conventional Loan – Out of all the mortgage types that are available for future homebuyers, a conventional loan is the often most sought choice. The reason behind this is that conventional loans tend to offer the best possible rates, all which are depending on the percentage of down payment.

➤ FHA Loan – The FHA loan is more commonly known as the First Time Homebuyers Loan. However, this may be considered a misconception because anyone can apply for this loan. What makes this mortgage type an intriguing option for some people is the 3.5% down payment rate, which is significantly lower than conventional loans. It has been said that FHA loans are more easily attainable for individuals with lower than average credit scores.

➤ USDA Loan – This loan is particular to areas; however, if an individual can apply for a USDA Loan it may prove more productive and beneficial than other mortgage loan types. This is a zero down payment mortgage loan, which is something that may be intriguing for people that lack a savings account.

➤ VA Loan – A VA Loan is quickly gaining popularity in the United States as one of the most viable options, if an individual can apply for it. This is a zero-down payment loan as well and requires that the applicant is a veteran.

How to Apply for a Mortgage Loans

I hope that this information has been of great help and satisfaction to you, so continue reading more articles published on this website so that you continue to learn much more about the different loan that you can see.

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