▷ How to Choose a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

How to Choose a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer. There are more than 11,000 car accidents in Philadelphia each year. Every accident means someone could be injured and may have to go through a confusing insurance system to get paid. Getting paid means more than just paying for your medical bills. If you are injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to medical care, lost wages, and even pain and suffering.

▷ Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

But getting what you're entitled to can be difficult. As a result, many accident victims hire lawyers to litigate. There are many accident lawyers to choose from in Philadelphia, so you should have a systematic approach to finding one.

We've compiled a list of tips to help you find the right attorney for your needs.

▷ How to Find a Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer

Choosing a Philadelphia car accident lawyer can be overwhelming because there are so many options. Once you understand how to be a good lawyer, you can go through the options and find the one that suits you. Always interview a few to see where you fit best.

When looking for your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer, keep the following tips in mind.

Start with your network

Talk to someone you know and ask if anyone has experience with a good car accident lawyer in the area. If someone you know has experience with a lawyer, ask them about that experience. Find out what they like and dislike about working with a lawyer. Both of these perspectives will help you better understand what it's like to work with a particular attorney. Most people can find a good list simply by asking friends and family for advice.

If your network is lacking, search online for a car accident lawyer in your area. When doing so, consider not only each attorney's rating, but also the number of ratings they must receive to further assess their skills and expertise.

Learn about fees

Car accident lawyers should not charge by the hour. Instead, they charge a percentage of the bill, which is only paid when you get paid. This is called a contingency fee. The average range for a car accident lawyer is 33% to 40%, so expect to find someone in that range. Higher fees should be a red flag for you.

What is your expertise?

Car accident attorneys are personal injury attorneys who may specialize in workers' compensation issues, class actions, and car accident cases. If possible, find someone who specializes in car accidents, or at least has enough experience to easily navigate and negotiate with insurance companies and their processes. Ask the attorney about his caseload and the percentage of total car accident cases.

Can they sue?

Of course, any lawyer can appear in court, but when your case does end up in court, you need a lawyer who has experience in court. Only about 5% of accident cases end up in court, so that's not a huge number.

However, if you are seriously injured and lose a lot of time at work, you should make sure you are ready when your case goes to court. Having a trial attorney by your side means your attorney will not give up the settlement negotiations to which you are entitled and will take further action if necessary.

Search for an organization

In an injury situation, there are many moving parts. Lawyers must coordinate with clients, insurance companies, medical providers, witnesses, and more. They need an organized lawyer that won't let anything slip through the cracks. An important hallmark of an organization is a clean and tidy office. A lawyer with a stack of papers on their desk (maybe even on the floor) may not be the best choice for your case.

▷ Why You Should Hire a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer

Minor accidents don't always require a lawyer, but you may want to have a lawyer by your side if you're involved in a serious accident resulting in significant injury, or if the other party is at fault for a dispute. Lawyers know how to work with insurance companies to get the most out of a case, and won't settle for the low-priced offers most victims receive directly.

Hiring a lawyer can also reduce the stress for victims, who don't have to worry about being pushed around by insurance companies, but instead have someone doing the heavy lifting by their side while they recover.

What kind of communication can you expect?

Every attorney is different when it comes to communicating with clients about accident cases. Customers should expect updates every few weeks. This communication can be via email or telephone. Keep in mind that lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you won't be billed every time they answer the phone, but that means they may not always be the best communicators. You should ask your lawyer about their communication style ahead of time to make sure it suits your preferences.

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