▷ 5 Ways to Reduce Your Bike Insurance Premium

How to reduce your bike insurance premium. If you own a motorcycle in the world, you must know that the law requires you to insure it. According to statistics, India has the highest rate of two-wheeler accidents compared to other countries. This underscores the need to purchase insurance for your two-wheeler.

▷ How to reduce your bike insurance premium

bike insurance premium

While insurance is important and unavoidable, it can be expensive and put additional strain on your finances. The price of everything seems to be skyrocketing these days. So you have to pay your bike insurance premiums with a heavy heart. Well, here are 5 easy ways we can help you lower your bike insurance premiums. Read on to find out how!

1 Choose Your Bike Wisely

Yes, more exotic bikes or bikes with bigger engines will definitely cost more. Also, unusual or refurbished bikes are considered more expensive when it comes to repairing and replacing parts. So it would be wiser to buy an entry-level bike with a smaller engine. This will result in a corresponding reduction in premiums.

2 Maintain a clean driving record as a driver

Insurance companies can check your ticket or accident records. The more experience you have as a driver, the less risk you are in the eyes of the insurance company. This will help you get the best rewards. Driving safely helps lower your expectations. This accordingly adds the benefit of the no-claim bonus to your premium.

In addition to a clean driving record, insurance companies also look at your driving time and experience. So how long have you been riding a motorcycle and what is your experience with the specific motorcycle you want to insure? The more experience you have as a driver, the lower the risk and premium costs.

3 Avoid filing small claims

If you do not claim any damages within the stipulated time, you will receive a no-claim bonus and rebate from the insurance company. Therefore, if you file a small claim, you will inevitably lose the no-claim bonus for that particular year.

So the next time you find a dent here, a scratch there, or a broken taillight, don't go to your insurance company. Instead, you can repair these minor damages out of pocket at your local mechanic.

4 Make Your Bike Safer

If your bike is better protected against theft, vandalism, and accidental damage, insurance companies will inevitably offer you lower premiums. Therefore, installing safety equipment and additional security measures will reduce the risk of the insured property. Make sure to park your bike in a secure area such as a garage. Then the insurance company is more likely to offer you a premium discount.

5 Bundle your policies

Why not take advantage of a package deal? Cover all your insurance needs from one insurance company. Assuming you have auto insurance with an insurance company, the same insurance company is more likely to offer reduced premiums for your bike insurance.

You can also choose to pay your premiums in annual or monthly instalments. Paying your bike insurance premiums annually will also lower your costs. Some insurance companies will give you discounts even if you are a member of a riding, touring or car club. If you don't take passengers, you can get additional discounts that limit your mileage. All of these factors work together to ensure that insurance premiums don't tax your wallet.

So when it's time to renew your insurance, don't just settle for your current insurer. Instead, be smart enough to spend some time doing some thorough research online. Compare the different options available and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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